Kumbaya on the Shore
a place of peaceful pastime
15224 - 15226
Lakeshore Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44110
About Kumbaya on the Shore and Ladybug by the Beach

A case for slowing it down
Contrary to the tweet – and those of us who crave Star Trek sci-fi – everyone does not want to move in warp speed,
at least not perpetually.  There are a good number of laid back, nostalgic boomers longing for a simple, affordable cup
of coffee to enjoy with good conversation; body conscious millennial bikers in search of healthy food watering holes
while on the cycling tour; a whole new young breed of social justice activists with minds set on mission, who just want
to take a deep breath, put down their phones and join this life. These are the patrons of Kumbaya on the Shore.  Yes, a
tv or two and tech docking stations for the boomers, bikers and young breeds are essential – everybody needs to
catch up with the rest of the world at some point.  But, Kumbaya’s goal is to facilitate human to human relationships in
real time, non-virtual.

Established in 2017 under the corporate umbrella of Madīya Ltd, an Ohio limited liability corporation, Kumbaya on
the Shore
is the offspring of Deuteronomy 8:3 Café, Books & Music, which was ‘urban removed’ after 14 years as a
popular venue in the historic,  black-owned Medical Associates Building on East 105 Street in Cleveland's Glenville -
Wade Park Magnolia neighborhood.

In addition to daily retail offerings of books, beverages, baked goods, soups, sandwiches, and the founder’s popular
Amish recipe-based “Fellowship Bread” which was the inspiration for the business, D8:3 programmed and presented
book signings, exhibits, live music, cultural celebrations, film screenings, and extended spring and fall book discussion
series bringing college faculty from throughout Ohio and beyond to serve as guides for critical thought and
conversation.  D8:3 was also a setting for community meetings and programmed and hosted seven restorative justice
summits – an initiative that led to the formation of The National Institute for Restorative Justice.   All programming
was presented free and open to the public without the benefit of government, corporate or foundation funds.   A link
to the Institute’s website follows, where you will find a thorough pictorial history of the D8:3 turned NIRJ’s slogan in
action: “Educating for Advocacy.”

Indeed, you will see in the images below that we were so much more than the corner bookstore coffee shop that we
set out to become.  The tag line on Margaret Bernstein’s October 20, 2006 Plain Dealer Arts & Life section’s full-page
cover story, “Sustenance for the Soul” summed up D8:3 correctly as “serving up inspiration with a slice of cake on the
For information about
The National Institute for Restorative Justive
visit www.restorativejusticeinstitute.org
Site Map ~ www.kumbayashore.com
Ladybug Gallery
On Tuesday, August 28, 2018, Kumbaya opened "The Dreamer's Dream" in celebration of the tenth anniversary of Barack H.
Obama's historic nomination, election and inauguration as President of the United States of America.  The exhibit of
owner’s private collection of photographs, publications, letters and memorabilia from the 2008 campaign, Democratic National
Convention–including personalized autograph book, brooch and photos with Speaker Nancy Pelosi – along with programs from
the 2009 Inaugural events filled the rear half of
Ladybug by the Beach.

Utilizing both the rear section of the boutique and the walls of the café, future exhibits will feature two and three-dimensional
works by local, national and international visual artists for viewing and sales, connecting the venue more intimately with the
Waterloo Arts District.

Phase 2: Kumbaya Café:  
On July 21, 2019 opened its "front end" in the tradition of corner coffee shops serving sandwiches, salads, soups, soft beverages
and baked goods, the Café is the heartbeat for
Kumbaya on the Shore as it will drive the traffic for the entire venue and

Occupying approximately two thousand square feet, the café is divided into three distinct areas with stationary seating for 50,
and adjustable theater style seating up to 100:
-        Northeast entry food service area with counter and table seating for ten, self-serve hot and cold beverages and
pre-packed snacks; sales counter / staff serve area for kettle soups, fresh salads, sandwiches, pastries and juice.
-        Center lounge / stage area with seating for forty at center tables and side room chairs, a south wall stage and screen
for live and visual performances.   Tables can be removed to increase seating.
-        Southwest kitchen with an adjacent storage area.

Kumbaya Café will operate seven days a week as a coffee/snack shop and staff served brunch buffet, a fresh fruit/vegie juice
bar, with seasonally themed items including ice cream summers, apple cider/pie falls and hot chocolate winters.  

Like its predecessor Deuteronomy 8:3, it will program movie nights and live performances of music, spoken word and special
events by paid admission, and quarterly book and film discussion series in partnership with the
National Institute for
Restorative Justice
.  Additionally, Kumbaya will host “Rogers & Woolridge Saturday Auction, Sales and Salon,” ™ a live,
commissioned auction of select estate household furnishings, goods and art on Saturday afternoons; and a monthly “Cultural
Cuisine and Conversation” ™ featuring cooking demonstrations and conversations by  guests with African, Asian and European
heritages from around the globe.  

Phase 3: Kumbaya Artists-in-Residency
With public and parochial K-8 schools merely steps away, the ever increasingly popular Waterloo Arts District around the
corner, and a proprietor academically and professionally rooted in arts educational program development and administration,
Kumbaya is a natural venue for hosting professional artists-in-residence.

Kumbaya on the Shore sits diagonally across from the St. Jerome Parish School, and three blocks north of Cleveland’s public
Memorial School.  Both schools enroll students K-8 grades, providing a logical relationship for a non-profit artist-in-residence
program.  Residencies will be restricted to coincide with the academic calendar year providing hands-on sessions with selected
students during the school day and after.  If the artist is visual, the residency will take place when his/her work is on exhibit in
the gallery; if a performing artist, the residency will conclude with a public performance.  An opening or closing reception will
take place during their residency.  

Complimenting Waterloo’s primarily Anglo-centric artists and venues, and St. Jerome School’s hosting of City Music’s classical
concerts of European composers,
Kumbaya will feature national and international visual, performing and cultural handcraft
artists primarily of African and Native American descent.   
Like its’ predecessor D8:3, when completed Kumbaya stands to feed the “mind,
body and soul of the village.”

Located on the popular Costal Ohio Lake Erie Circle Tour Bike Trail at the corner of
Lakeshore Boulevard and Huntmere Street, and bordering the historic Shore Acres and
Waterloo Arts District communities
, Kumbaya is a short walk to the Great Lake’s beach front with
private access two blocks away, and a public entrance five blocks away at Euclid Beach.

While our “Dreamweaver” page paints an idyllic picture of a place fashioned in the image of African diaspora
cultures and traditions of southern ocean front islands and indigenous mountain dwellers,
Kumbaya is a
three phase work in progress, just trying to make the rent!

Phase 1: Ladybug by the Beach: Boutique, Books, Gifts & Gallery
Ladybug by the Beach opened in December 2017 as a seasonal boutique stocked with holiday gifts, children’s
books, ladies clothing and home décor under the theme of Winter Wonderland, followed by a Fun in the Sun
theme with clothing and accessories designed for fun days in the park or on the beach, and gifts and home
décor geared toward the summer wedding season.  On August 28, 2018,
Ladybug opened its first gallery
exhibit utilizing the rear half of the venue.

The broader plan for Ladybug is to establish a souvenir and gift shop of lakefront themed apparel, souvenirs
and novelties; and to exhibit and sale artwork and handcrafted goods by local, national and international
artists of the African diaspora - primarily from the South Carolina and Georgia sea islands’ Gullah region,
southwest Native America, South America and Africa.  
2007 Inaugural D8:3 Nguzo Saba Awards saluting the Medical Associates Building doctors