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An Exhibit of Photographs, Publications and Memorabilia
in celebration of the
10th anniversary of the
Nomination, Election & Inauguration of
Barack H. Obama, Jr.

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On Tuesday, August 28, 2018, Kumbaya on the Shore opened our inaugural
"The Dreamer's Dream," an exhibit of photographs, publications, letters
and memorabilia in celebration of the 10th anniversaries of Barack H. Obama's
historic nomination, election and inauguration as 44th President of the United
States of America.  

The exhibit is free and open to the public,
Thursdays - Saturdays during routine
hours of Kumbaya on the Shore's Ladybug by the Beach,
When Senator Barack Obama first came to Cleveland ahead of the
March 4, 2008 Democratic Primary to pitch his bid for the Party's
presidential nomination, I was there
.  That's me standing at  the
end of the aisle just above the Senator, waving a "
Change We Can
Believe In
" sign.     

While Cleveland was unable to fill Public Auditorium for that first
visit - because too many nay sayers contended that "the numbers
just weren't there" - I was a believer from the beginning -
"fired up,
ready to go"
- and immediately went to work on behalf of his

I opened the doors to my business, Deuteronomy 8:3 Cafe as a
volunteer recruiting, training, and meeting space for Organizing
for America; I pounded the pavement as an OFA Neighborhood
Team Leader; I organized voter registration drives,
phone-a-thons, and passed out voting and campaign literature to
everyone who crossed my path - in the café, on the streets, in  
bank lines, at the post office and grocery stores - where ever there
were people, I campaigned.  
Even so, you could have blown me over with a feather the day I
received the call informing me that
I was one of the final four
supporters selected to attend the 2008 Democratic
Convention - all expenses paid - as the guest of the
Democratic National Congressional Committee
.  The Plain
reported my response as likened to "one of those grinning
ball players bound for Disneyland" as I screamed out, "I'm going to

The call came on Friday afternoon, August 8, 2008 just as I was
welcoming a volunteer training group into D8:3.  It came mere
hours after I had pitched my hat into the campaign's state lottery
for public tickets for the final event of the Convention at Denver's
"Mile High Stadium", where Senator Obama would officially accept
the nomination of the party on the forty-fifth anniversary of the
historic March on Washington where Martin Luther King, Jr.
delivered his memorable "I Have A Dream" speech.

When I mentioned to the caller how surprised I was that they got
back to me so soon after informing me earlier that the lottery
would not close for a week, he asked "what are you talking about?"  
He then went on to explain that he was not with the Ohio
campaign, and that the invitation was for me to attend the entire
convention as one of four supporters selected  to be the guest of
the Democratic National Congressional Committee.  
Unknowingly, my name had been put in place for the opportunity
by two of my dearest friends, Sara Guettle and Jere Reiser in
Dallas, Texas.  That's when I burst back into the room and
screamed in fantasy land bound excitement, "I'm going to Denver."
At the end of the five days in Denver, I had accumulated so
much stuff that I to ship boxes filled with my Convention
bounty back to Cleveland.  Boxes that sat idle in a closet for
the past ten years, and grew in numbers as the collection
expanded during the remainder of the campaign through the
November 4, election, including photos from Obama's
November 3, 2008 "Eve of Election" visit to Cleveland.

Over the next three months, more than three hundred items
from the collection will be on exhibit at Ladybug by the
Beach, including my "novice" photographs (my grandfather
and aunt are the professionals, although some of mine are
quite good), Convention credentials and  invitations,
publications, autographed books by Obama and Nancy
Pelosi, the email from Donna Brazile announcing the four
lucky supporters - which she later signed for me during the
Convention,  campaign buttons, tee-shirts, signs, posters,
door hangers, stickers, memorabilia and prized items -
including Congresswoman Pelosi's gift of a "Madam Speaker"
brooch crafted by the firm of Ann Hand of Washington, DC.  

I look forward to seeing you at
On the Shore!

~ Mitte Imani
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