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To read about the origin
of the song Kumbaya,
and view to hear and view
the passionate arrangement by
the Soweto Gospel Choir
Kumbaya on the Shore
Ladybug by the Beach
15224 - 15226
Lakeshore Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44110

Photos by Mittie Imani Jordan
Ladybug Lessons,
Lyrics & Litanies
A Child A Road Trip A Star
A word from
Imani Dreamweaver

Ladybug Boutique
Thursdays - Fridays 2 - 7 p.m
Saturdays Noon - 7 p.m
We may not have a place
to hitch your horse yet,
but we are a pedestrian, bus, car and biker
friendly stop on the Coastal Ohio and
Lake Erie Circle Tour Trail!
Stop by the Lighthouse and
add your photo to our wall!
An Exhibit of Photographs,
Publications and Memorabilia
in celebration of the
10th anniversary of the  
Nomination, Election
& Inauguration of
Barack H. Obama, Jr.

In the Ladybug Gallery
$3,000 To Go!
A Funding Campaign
was launched to raise $10,000
to complete work to fully open
Kumbaya Café
We are almost there!

When fully realized the Café will employ
seven full-time staff through
our full service kitchen,
host book and film discussion series,
performances of music and spoken word,
Cultural Cuisine & Conversation,
and an Artist-in-Residency program
featuring artists of the African Diaspora.

We are still $3,000 short
of opening the full kitchen!
Please consider a contribution
no matter how small,
and share this link with family,
friends and associates
who may do the same!

You may donate through
or, Cash App to
or, Zelle to
or, mail your donation
check payable to
Kumbaya on the Shore  
15226 Lakeshore Boulevard,
Cleveland 44110

For infomation about our
full plan, visit our
About Page

And when you're in Cleveland
come visit us on the shore!
Site Map ~
Kumbaya on the Shore
a place of peaceful pastime
On the Kumbaya Cafe
Gallery Wall
Prints by
Christine Jordan
Save the Dates!
1st Saturdays A Conversation With
2nd Saturdays Rogers & Woolridge
Salon Auction & Sales
1st Thursdays Live with Reggie Kelly
4th Fridays
Raise the Rent Open Mic Jam

For a listing of events
visit our Programs Calendar page
Click Here
To read about the origins
of the song Kumbaya
and to hear the passionate performance
by the Soweto Gospel Choir
We can't Save the Date
but we can
Keep the Thought
We are so thankful for Kumbaya patrons,
friends and volunteers!
Here are a few posing by the Kumbaya Lighthouse!

Thursday Night Live
with Jazz / NeoSoul Balladeer
Reggie Kelly
As soon as the viral air clears
In the Kumbaya Café

    Friends, although we had hopes of reopening this past fall, Kumbaya remains closed as the world experiences the second surge,
    as warned by the authorities on contagious disease if we failed to adhere to safe and sound preventive practices.  

    As of Sunday,  Sunday, December 13, 2020, there have been 72,400,912  cases of Covid reported world-wide, with the United
    States leading in cases at 16,583,753 and over 305,00 deaths.  The great iron is that all of Africa - the  entire continent of
    countries identified by TRump as "S-Hole" have less than 2,400,000 cases combined, and only 56,000 reported death.  Who's
    the toilet now, Mr. pResident?  We thank God that your time as the so-called "leader of the free world" is over.
        Welcome, welcome, welcome a new intelligent era of actual (not alternative) facts, and leadership that consults with and adheres
        to the researches and prevention practitioners of contagious disease.

    Continue to stay the course of safe social practices and distancing.  Masks are more comfortable than ventilators.  Do the work
    for your own sake and for others.  We want to live up to our moniker as a  "place of peaceful pastime.  That includes the peace of
    mind that we can safely gather without worry of contacting or passing on the disease.  Until that time, Kumbaya will remain

    In the mean time, please take time to read our 2020 newsletters posted below, reflecting on Kumbaya events and significant
    moments in our nation's history.    If you would like to be on our newsletter mailing list please email me at  

    When this moment of trial passes, more than ever I will look forward to seeing you on the shore!
                                                                                                                                                                                   ~ Mittie Imani
By and By... While Waiting for Rona to Pass
The Disposable Other
1619. 1986. Yes We Did!
Keepers of Our History
Do What You Know