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Kumbaya on the Shore
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15224 - 15226
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Cleveland, Ohio 44110
Kumbaya Cafe & Cultural Cuisine & Conversations
Phase 2: Kumbaya Café opened its "front end" on July 21, 2019 in the tradition of corner coffee shops serving sandwiches, salads, soups, soft
beverages and baked goods.  Additionally, Kumbaya Café will program live performances of music and spoken word, Cultural Cuisine and
Conversations ™, book and film discussion series in partnership with the National Institute for Restorative Justice, and Rogers & Woolridge
Saturday Auctions Salon and Sales.  Visit our
About Kumbaya page for more information!
Kumbaya Cafe
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July 21, 2019 Musical Blessing of Kumbaya with Kenge Kenge Oruntu Systems of Nairobi, Kenya
On Sunday, July 21, 2019 Friends of Kumbaya gathered to pray for the business
and to enjoy each other's company, refreshments and most of all, the traditional
Luo songs of praise and dance performed by Nairobi-based Kenge Kenge.  
Live streaming allowed
seniors participating in the
Greater Cleveland
Neighborhood Center
Association's  I-Connect
program to enjoy the event
from their residences.

A highlight of the day came
when friends were invited to
dance with the band leader.
Someone has photos of the
women - including this
photographer - dancing!
When the band performed a
song of tribute for their
Kenyan-American "brother
Obama," the Ladybug (aka
Mittie) dawned her "Obama
cape" and weaved the room
in the tradition of an
Indigenous American
Snake Dance.

Not to be outdone by all the
dancing, two young Kumbaya
neighbors showed off their
A special thanks to Steven E. Boyd who arranged for Kenge Kenge's
Cleveland Artists-in-Residency, and AkuSika Nkomo Mackey for
hosting the band at Africa House International.
Following Kenge Kenge, friends socialized and viewed the Ladybug Gallery exhibit celebrating the tenth
anniversary of the nomination, election and inauguration of
Barack H. Obama,  Jr. as the 44th President of the United States of America.
Kumbaya Cafe Progress Report
Opening the coffee shop and lounge put us nearly half way there!
We are still short of funds needed to complete the remainder of the
work to fully realize the
Kumbaya on the Shore plan, including:
servicing and installing our kitchen equipment
completing the building and framing of the stage & screen area
Upgrading fixtures in both bathrooms.
Once complete we can move to a seven day operation employing
seven full-time staff and four part-time weekend staff serving a
daily brunch,  hosting music, spoken word, entertaining and
educational film, our signature Cultural Conversation and Cuisine,
and other special events.
Please consider adding your name to our Investors and Friends of Kumbaya  
Friends receive discounts ranging from 5% - 25% based on donor levels
Friends donating $250 - $500 also receive free admission(s) to routine programs
Investors receive discounts, free admission and share in profits
Investors / Shareholders
($1,000 + to D8:3 & Kumbaya)
Mittie - Cleveland, Oh
Cheryl - Dallas, Tx
Sara - Marion, Ks
Obelia  - Winston Salem, NC
Kathy & Sayres, Dallas, Tx
Susan   - Cleveland, Oh
Daniel - Los Angeles, Ca
Delores   - Cleveland, Oh
Julia  - Bethesda, Md
Anne - Cleveland, Oh
Michael & Patricia    - Rockledge, Fl
Roger & Mary  - Cleveland, Oh
Jeff - Cleveland, Oh
Illona - Chicago, Il
Gina - Cleveland, Oh
Rashad - Cleveland, Ohio
Friends of Kumbaya ($10 - $500)
Donnie & Rene - Beckley, WV
Christine - Stow, Oh
Calvin - Cleveland, Oh
Harold - Cleveland, Oh
Zachery - Cleveland, Oh
Kathy - Cleveland, Oh
Lola & Charles - Apple Valley, Ca
Alan - Greenville, SC
Barb & Richard - St. Paul, Mn
Charles - Cleveland
Jo - US / Ghana
Mindy - Chardon, Oh
Martha - Cleveland, Oh
Anthony - New York, NY
Robert & Mary - Cleveland, Oh
Alicia & Michael - Cleveland, Oh
James - Chicago, Il
Bonnie - Cleveland, Oh
Charlene -Centerville, Md
Carol - Cleveland, Oh
Gretchen - Avon, Oh
Frank & Juanita, Temcula, Ca
Rick & Rita, Dallas, Tx
Gillian, Cleveland, Oh
Mittie - Cleveland, Oh
Millicent - Cleveland, Oh
Carol - Cleveland, Oh
Marilyn - Atlanta, Ga
Wayne - Cleveland, Oh
Lionel - Cleveland, Oh
Kathleen - Cleveland, Oh
Charlene - Cleveland, Oh
Brenda - Cleveland, Oh
Juanita - Cleveland, Oh
Valerie - Reynoldsburg, Oh
Brandon - Cleveland, Oh
Allen - Cleveland, Oh
Dennis & Kathi - Dallas, Tx
Beverly - Cleveland, Oh
Michael & Felicia - Florence, SC
Kendra - Winston Salem, NC
Russell - Cleveland, Oh
Liza, Nepal
Tereese - Cleveland, Oh
Roger & Alease - Midlothian, Va
Gina - Midlothian, Va
Rachelle - Nofolk, Va
Elgan & Wendy - Cleveland, Oh
Hugh & Betty - Dayton, Va
Clyde & Glendora - Dunbar, WV
Tom & Suzanne - Cleveland, Oh
Gina - Columbus, Oh
Terri - Cleveland, Oh
Offering a hand up is not a hand out!
        The quote is attributed to Clarissa Harlow Barton better known
    as  Clara the teacher, nurse and founder of the Red Cross.
         There are lots of stock images that accompany her words online,
    some even with lake shore themes, but none grabbed me like  
    These two little fellows striving together in taking on what appears to be harsh, barren, arid red earth to rise
    from the depths of a daunting situation.
           Just look at their determination!  Not a pair of shoes between them.  One struggling to climb, one
    struggling to pull, both holding firm to the goal of getting out of that ditch!
           I'm in a ditch, folk.  But, by the grace and mercy of God and kind friends, I've come two-thirds of the
    way from having to close a business, store it in a barn, find a new location, prepare it.... and start over.  If
    you've been following my emails and website for the past year, you know how much there was to do and far
    Kumbaya on the Shore has come.
           Raising the Cafe shutters was a great victory this week, but without the funds to keep the lease and
    utilities current, complete the installation of the kitchen, obtain full-service licenses and hire help - I could
    end up back in the barn, or worse.   
           Why give, you might ask?  For the same reason many of you contribute to non-profits - less the write-
    off: to help create employment opportunities and bring people together for culturally enriching experiences.  
    Visit our About Page,  and you will find the reasons there, and will hopefully add your name to list of
    Friends above who have graciously joined our funding campaign.  
           You can give at, or join the other half of our donors by
    mailing your check payable to Kumbaya on the Shore, 15226 Lakeshore Boulevard, Cleveland,
    Ohio 44110.  As we used to say as children, without having a clue about what it meant: "your kindness shall
    never be obliterated!"  

    ~ Mittie Imani