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July 21, 2019 Musical Blessing of with Kenge Kenge Oruntu Systems of Nairobi, Kenya
On Sunday, July 21, 2019 Friends of Kumbaya gathered to pray for the business
and to enjoy each other's company, refreshments and most of all, the traditional
Luo songs of praise and dance performed by Nairobi-based Kenge Kenge.  
Live streaming allowed
seniors participating in the
Greater Cleveland
Neighborhood Center
Association's  I-Connect
program to enjoy the event
from their residences.

A highlight of the day came
when friends were invited to
dance with the band leader.
Someone has photos of the
women - including this
photographer - dancing!
When the band performed a
song of tribute for their
Kenyan-American "brother
Obama," the Ladybug (aka
Mittie) dawned her "Obama
cape" and weaved the room
in the tradition of an
Indigenous American
Snake Dance.

Not to be outdone by all the
dancing, two young Kumbaya
neighbors showed off their
Michael Jackson moves!
A special thanks to Steven E. Boyd who arranged for
Kenge Kenge's Cleveland Artists-in-Residency, and
AkuSika Nkomo Mackey for hosting the band
at Africa House International.
Following Kenge Kenge, friends socialized and viewed
the Ladybug Gallery exhibit celebrating the tenth
anniversary of the nomination, election and
inauguration of Barack H. Obama,  Jr. as the
44th President of the United States
Kumbaya Cafe Progress Report
Opening the coffee shop and lounge put us nearly half way there!
We are still short of funds needed to complete the remainder
of the work to fully realize the
Kumbaya on the Shore plan, including:
servicing and installing our kitchen equipment
completing the building and framing of the stage & screen area
Upgrading fixtures in both bathrooms.
Once complete we can move to a seven day operation employing
seven full-time staff and four part-time weekend staff serving a
daily brunch,  hosting music, spoken word, entertaining and
educational film, our signature Cultural Conversation and Cuisine,
and other special events.
Please consider adding your name to our Investors and Friends of Kumbaya  
Friends receive discounts ranging from 5% - 25% based on donor levels
Friends donating $250 - $500 also receive free admission(s) to routine programs
Investors receive discounts, free admission and share in profits
Investors / Shareholders
($1,000 + to D8:3 & Kumbaya)
Mittie - Cleveland, Oh
Cheryl - Dallas, Tx
Sara - Marion, Ks
Obelia  - Winston Salem, NC
Kathy & Sayres, Dallas, Tx
Susan   - Cleveland, Oh
Daniel - Los Angeles, Ca
Dolores   - Cleveland, Oh
Julia  - Bethesda, Md
Auburn - Cleveland, Oh
Van - Cleveland, Oh
Michael & Patricia  - Rockledge, Fl
Roger & Mary - Cleveland, Oh
Jeff - Cleveland, Oh
Illona - Chicago, Il
Gina - Cleveland, Oh
Ceco - Cleveland, Oh
Rashad - Cleveland, Oh

Donnie & Rene - Beckley, WV
Christine - Stow, Oh
Calvin - Cleveland, Oh
Nancy - Cleveland, Oh
Zachery - Cleveland, Oh
Harold - Cleveland, Oh
Kathy - Cleveland, Oh
Lola & Charles - Apple Valley, Ca
Gloria & Link - Carson, Ca
Alan - Greenville, SC
Chini - Los Angeles, Ca
Alicia & Michael - Cleveland, Oh
Martha - Cleveland, Oh
Robert & Mary, Cleveland, Oh
Barb & Richard - St. Paul, Mn
Charles - Cleveland
Jo - US / Ghana
Mindy - Chardon, Oh
Anthony - New York, NY
Sherrie - Cleveland, Ohio
Charlene & Mendel, Cleveland, Oh
James - Chicago, Il
Bonnie - Cleveland, Oh
Charlene -Centerville, Md
Carol - Cleveland, Oh
Gretchen - Avon, Oh
Frank & Juanita, Temcula, Ca
Rick & Rita, Dallas, Tx
Gillian, Cleveland, Oh
Mittie - Cleveland, Oh
Millicent - Cleveland, Oh

Carol & Ron - Cleveland, Oh
Mike & Richee - Cleveland
Marilyn - Atlanta, Ga
Wayne - Cleveland, Oh
Lionel - Cleveland, Oh
Adam - Cleveland, Oh
Kathleen - Cleveland, Oh
Brenda - Cleveland, Oh
Juanita - Cleveland, Oh
Valerie & Mark  - Reynoldsburg, Oh
Hugh & Betty - Dayton, Va
Clyde & Glendora - Dunbar, WV
Tom & Suzanne - Cleveland, Oh
Brandon - Cleveland, Oh
Allen - Cleveland, Oh
Delores - Cleveland, Oh
Dennis & Kathi - Dallas, Tx
Marcia - Atlanta, Ga
Beverly - Cleveland, Oh
Liza, Nepal
Michael & Felicia - Florence, SC
Kendra - Winston Salem, NC
Russell - Cleveland, Oh
Tereese - Cleveland, Oh
Roger & Alease - Midlothian, Va
Gina - Midlothian, Va
Rachelle - Nofolk, Va
Elgan & Wendy - Cleveland, Oh
Gina - Columbus, Oh
Debbie - Cleveland, Oh
Terri - Cleveland, Oh
Offering a hand up is not a hand out!
         The quote is attributed to Clarissa Harlow Barton better known as  
    Clara the teacher, nurse and founder of the Red Cross.
         There are lots of stock images that accompany her words online, some
    even with lake shore themes, but none grabbed me like  
    These two little fellows striving together in taking on what appears to be harsh, barren, arid red earth to rise
    from the depths of a daunting situation.

           Just look at their determination!  Not a pair of shoes between them.  One struggling to climb, one struggling
    to pull, both holding firm to the goal of getting out of that ditch!

           I'm in a ditch, folk.  But, by the grace and mercy of God and kind friends, I've come two-thirds of the way
    from having to close a business, store it in a barn, find a new location, prepare it.... and start over.  If you've been
    following my emails and website for the past year, you know how much there was to do and far Kumbaya on the
    Shore has come.

           Raising the Cafe shutters was a great victory this week, but without the funds to keep the lease and utilities
    current, complete the installation of the kitchen, obtain full-service licenses and hire help - I could end up back in
    the barn, or worse.   

           Why give, you might ask?  For the same reason many of you contribute to non-profits - less the write-off: to
    help create employment opportunities and bring people together for culturally enriching experiences.  Visit our
    About Page,  and you will find the reasons there, and will hopefully add your name to list of Friends above who
    have graciously joined our funding campaign.  

           You can give at, or join the other half of our donors by
    mailing your check payable to Kumbaya on the Shore, 15226 Lakeshore Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio
    44110.  As we used to say as children, without having a clue about what it meant: "your kindness shall never be

 ~ Mittie Imani
Friends of Kumbaya (Gifts of $5 - $999)
A Conversation With
Minister, Volunteer & A Preacher's Wife

Charlene Higginbotham Adams
Saturday, December 7, 2019 ~ 4 - 6 p.m.

Holiday Film Series
Thursdays and Saturdays
December 5 – 28 2019

    It has been suggested that I should rename
    this series A Conversation with an Elder.  
    While there are a few young folks on the
    horizon for future sessions, I seem to be
    guided toward our elders as themes for
    conversations cross my mind.  Ironically, our
    December conversation came to mind while
    planning our Saturday holiday film series for
    children.  The moment I chose The
    Preacher’s Wife to kick-off the series,
    Charlene Higginbotham Adams crossed my
    mind.  Yeah, while a young Courtney Vance,
    Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington
    portray the preacher, his wife and the
    angel Dudley, it is an older and wiser Charlene Adams who comes to
    mind in the films portrayal of the faithful parish partner upholding the life
    and dignity of a struggling community.

    A consummate volunteer, Charlene is a retired commissioned minister in
    the United Church of Christ. She served as an administrative assistant for
    nine years with its Pension Board at the national headquarters when they
    moved from New York to Cleveland.

    After retirement, Charlene and her husband, the Rev. Dr. Mendle Adams,
    also retired, served as Annuitant Visitors for three years, routinely visiting
    approximately 100 retired lay, clergy and missionary in the Western
    Reserve Association traveling from Chardon to Vermilion and all cities and
    suburbs in between.  Rev. Mendle continues to provide pulpit supply to
    churches with no full-time pastor and Charlene accompanies him on

    Charlene also served as Secretary for a local UCC church in Shaker Heights
    and volunteers at her home church, Amistad Chapel UCC, providing
    liturgical arrangements for the communion table, and maintains a
    community bulletin board. These are just her “official” volunteer duties.  
    Charlene is everywhere, showing up, filling the gaps where there is a need,
    including at Kumbaya on the Shore.  Her mind is constantly moving,
    emailing, texting, always looking for ways to connect people and
    organizations to be of help to one another in areas of need.   

    It is indeed my joy and pleasure to introduce Charlene, a faithful personal
    and communal friend, for a conversation at Kumbaya on the Shore.

    Kumbaya on the Shore is once again
    kicking off the festive holiday season with
    screenings of inspiring, family themed movies
    that will warm your heart and uplift your faith!  
    The screenings are free and open to the public,
    with exception of one children’s event requiring
    registration.  Please pass this on.

    I want to highlight two of the film in our series
    listed in our Save the Date column below:
    Boycott which opens our series, and The Polar
    Express which will be screened during a film
    themed pajama party for children ages 5 – 12.
The Preacher's Wife
Saturday, December 7 ~ 2 - 4 p.m.
The Polar Epress!
Afternoon Pajama Party
Saturday, December 21 ~ 2 - 6 p.m.
Ages 5 - 13 Registration Required
Boycott: Montgomery Alabama 1955
Thursday, December 5 ~ 7 p.m.
HBO Drama starring Jeffrey Wright,
Carmen Ejego & Terrence Howard
"Turning our Dollars into Sense!"

    On Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 7 p.
    m., Kumbaya on the Shore will open a
    holiday film series with Boycott, which
    may not be considered “holiday,” yet is a
    heartwarming, challenging and stirring story
    for all ages. It is a dramatic depiction of the
    historic Montgomery Bus Boycott which
    began sixty-four years ago on December
    5, 1955 after the arrest of Rosa Parks, and
    held firm through Christmas into a New
    Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s
    Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Labor
    Day, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving
    1956!  Vigilante through every holiday!  Folk
    held the line!  Men, women and children
    walked for the right to sit with dignity!
    They did not back down!  They turned
    our collective dollars into sense!  

    After loosing too much money, Montgomery
    bus company and the white Montgomery
    Citizen's Council (KKK in office) finally said,
    “Uncle, and  negotiated with the newly
    formed Montgomery Improvement
    Association led by young Martin Luther King,
    Jr., which subsequently ended the 380-day
    boycott on December 20, 1956

    One of the discs currently in our five-CD
    exchanger at Kumbaya is Greatest Hits by Nat
    King Cole.  Oh, could that brother-man croon!  
    Perhaps my favorite song on the collection is
    “Walking my Baby Back Home,”  a smooth
    ballad of a man strolling while hopelessly in
    love with his walking companion. I dare say
    that twenty years ago it would not have held
    the same significance for me as it does today.  
    Then I saw Boycott with one of its opening
    scenes of a 26-year-old Martin Luther King,
    Jr. dancing and wooing his young and beautiful
    wife, Coretta, with Nat crooning that song in
    the background.  Then reality sets in: a baby
    and a community demands their attention.  
    Youthful passions and pleasures are put on

    I love this film and have traditionally screened
    it on or around Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    over the past 17 years.  I love it for the
    message, I love the music ,and I love it for the
    reminder of what a community holding
    together can accomplish.  It is especially
    encouraging as a testimonial for the leadership
    capabilities of our young men and women –
    they were merely in their mid-twenties, not
    just organizing a local boycott, but building a
    movement that would galvanize a nation.  

    Staring the amazing husband and wife team of
    Jeffrey Wright as Martin, and Carmen Ejogo as
    a “dead ringer” for the young Coretta, Iris
    Little Thomas as Rosa Parks, Reg E. Cathey as
    E. D. Nixon, CCH Pounder as Jo Ann Robinson,
    and our own Terrence Howard as Ralph
    Abernathy, Boycott will inspire you, stimulate
    your senses for resistance, and give you hope
    for overdue justice during this season of light.  
    The screening is free and open to the public.  
    Please pass this information, on.

    Start Walkin’!
    Wrap up the children in their favorite warm
    pajamas and come join the "Hot Chocolate" fun!

    My grandson loves the scene!  Actually, he loves
    the whole movie much, more so than the Polar
    Express train set I hunted down and gifted him
    for Christmas when he was five!  That's him
    above checking out the train route during our
    Christmas season ride with his cousins two years
    ago.  Now eight, he still stands to dance with
    Tom Hanks as he ushers in the chef-uniformed
    clad train stewards singing and dancing while
    juggling hot chocolate treats for the pajama
    wearing children headed for the North Pole!

    On Saturday, December 21, 2019
    beginning at 2 p.m., Kumbaya on the Shore
    will host a joyful screening of The Polar
    Express during a mid-day pajama party
    for children 5 to 13 years of age.  Children
    must be accompanied by a custodial adult.  
    Reservations are required by Saturday,
    December 14, with a $10 registration fee
    to cover refreshments and a wrapped gift
    for each child .

    For additional information call
    216.376.9692 or email us at   

    Our first Saturday conversation with our real, live preacher's wife will be
    preceded by a screening of the favored holiday movie beginning at 2 pm.  
    The event is free and open to the public.  Please pass this information on.

    Set in the neighborhood surrounding the fledging St. Matthew church with
    its adjacent parsonage actually occupied by the preacher and his family, this
    time-honored story is funny, poignant and promising for the whole family,
    as shared through the eyes and heart of a little child.  

    It touches on so many aspects of families living in urban poverty:
    grandparents raising children, unemployment, re-gentrification, youth in
    unjust judicial detention.  It almost sounds a little, too familiar for me - my
    neighborhood and the name of my church!

    Sounds dismal, right?  Not so.  The story yields to the hope of our season of
    light!  Just when you're ready to give up, angels without wings show up in
    our lives to inspire,  encourage and help us to make it through emerge
    victorious over our difficult times.     

    Featuring a star-studded cast including Denzel Washington, Courtney
    Vance, Jennifer Lewis, Loretta Divine, Lionel Richie and the late
    Gregory Hines and Whitney Houston who blessed the film with her
    amazing voice showcasing nine songs!
    Thursdays in December
    Holiday Film Series 7 – 10 p.m.
    December 5, 2019 Boycott in observance of the 64th anniversary
    December 12, 2019 Dear Secret Santa
    December 19, 2019 Best Man Holiday (Parental Guidance 13+)
    December 26, 2019 Black Nativity the amazing movie
    Saturdays in December Children’s Holiday Stories
    & Film 2 – 4 p.m.
    December 7, 2019 The Preacher’s Wife  
    December 14, 2019 Happy Feet
    December 21, 2019 Polar Express Pajama Party
    December 28, 2019 A Kwanzaa Story with Rafiki & Friends
Holiday Film Series Schedule
    Above: November Conversation with
    Charles Bevel with Juanita Dalton-
    Robinson sitting in for host Mittie
    Imani Jordan.  Right: October
    Conversation with Nan Kennedy.
Ocotober Designer Handbag Auction
Investors Van Amos
and Ceco Selinas
help spruce up
Kumbaya Cafe with
silver bells, leaping
deer, gold stars and
a welcoming craft
calendar for the
Holiday Season!

The Cafe Christmas
tree is on the way!  
We're just trying to
figure out where the
heck to put it!
Valentine's Day
7:30 - Mdnight
February 14, 2020
with special guest poet

Reservations Required
After-five Attire
    We tried hard to book him for the end of year
    holiday season but with his soothing, melodic
    voice crooning on the jazz airwaves, he was
    just too hot and in demand!

    But thankfully we got the jump on
    Valentine's Day, Friday, February 14,
    2020 beginning at 7:30 p.m. for an intimate,
    fun-filled and romantic evening with Reggie
    Kelly and friends.

    The evening includes appetizers,
    dinner, drinks and dessert, a
    performance with Reggie, a special guest
    poet, and fun moments with a celebrity
    single's dating game, and a "newlywed
    game" for married friends.

    Limited seating is at $50 per person.   
    Reservations are open now until sold-
    out, with deposits required beginning
    Thursday, January 2, 2020.

    For more information or to reserve your seat
    email us with your seating request, name and
    phone number at:  
Save the Date!
An Intimate Evening with
Jazz / NeoSoul Balladeer
Reggie Kelly
Kumbaya Cafe
Dressed up for the Holidays