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    Shelter from the Wind!

    Thanksgiving, November 28, 2019

    I have gone back and forth making notes of what I might share with
    you as a lesson learned for this day of thanks.  

    Interestingly, the first thought that came to mind was a Bob Marley
    song, “So much things to say, right now” which absolutely has nothing
    to do with the occasion short of the line “So while they fight you
    down, stand firm and give Jah thanks and praises.”  But that’s what
    came to mind.

    The next thought of thanks - since I’m mashing the starter for the
    “Fellowship Bread,”  beginning my days with Our Daily Bread
    devotional, and having just heard the tragic story about an
    unexpected death of a healthy 66 year-old minister, - was the theme
    of  Daily Bread and Breath of Life.  Yeah, that's what I'll reflect on.

    Then the winds rushed.

    It started around yesterday noon.  Sounding every bit like the speed
    of a New York subway train or the roar of the ocean – I’ve lived on
    the Atlantic and the Pacific, I know the sound.
    Rather, it was the wind, rustling at 60 mph through the urban forest
    surrounding my home.  
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A Year Before The Mayflower

    In the moment of snapping pictures, I realized that the flimsy jacket
    and cap were not warding off the elements perfect for incubating a
    cold.  Just that quickly, I felt it in my throat and rushed back inside to
    brew my go-to concoction for knocking it out. While chopping up an
    onion and lime, the latter in lieu of absent lemons to brew with green
    tea, honey and a swig of black spiced rum, I thought of all the simple
    things for which I need to give thanks:

    I am thankful for keeping the wisdom of the old wives and their
    natural remedies for illness and ailments.

    I am thankful for daily bread, forgiveness of debt, and deliverance
    from sin and death.

    I am thankful for faith, family and friends here for me through good
    times and trying times.

    I am thankful for food – bread of heaven and of earth, sustaining my
    body and fueling my soul.

    I am thankful for the protection of my shepherds, the not so little
    canine crew and the almighty Good One.

    I am thankful for simple pleasures, bursts of joy and moments of
    peace in the midst of my toiling days.

    I am thankful for Silent Night playing peacefully in the background of
    this writing.  The songs of Christmas came across the radio waves
    early this year.  I know that it was to promote the business of buying,
    but the bonus comes as a blessing, reminding us of the true reason for
    this celebrated season of gifting and light.  

    And, on days like yesterday, when the wind rushes at 60 miles per
    hour, needy of repairs as it may be, I am especially thankful for my
    sturdy, 122- year old inner-city home.  It is more than just the
    proverbial “roof over my head,” it is my shelter from the storm, my
    refuge in the wind, indeed a blessing worthy of my thanks.    

    So much things to say, right now.  So much thanks to say.

    I look forward to seeing you on the Shore.

    ~ Mittie Imani
LLL Archive October 3, 2019
Owning the Pond
    Whistling, gusting, intimidating
    even my fearless canine crew who
    ordinarily would be giving me the
    blues about going outside to play
    kickball in the leaves.  They didn’t
    budge.  Like me, they cuddled up
    in their beds and covered their

    Like them, it was fierce: the wind.  
    Bending branches, scurrying leaves
    and working chimes into a frenzied
    melodic dance.

    I got back in my bed and covered
    my head.  “Lord, please let the
    fence hold.”   There are sections
    leaning on their last leg, through
    which my VonGhetto pack of
    Sheperds are just awaiting an
    opportunity to escape.

    An hour later, I went out to assess the damage.  Thankfully there
    really was none.  A few downed twigs here and there, nothing like
    whole 24-foot branch that snapped and fell parallel, running the length
    of the back of the house earlier this year, but thankfully lodging in the
    limbs of adjacent trees.  Had it not...
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